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the greatest greyhound that ever lived

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Mate, ive been through this with you before.

The Greens are not the largest party in Governmemt, the programme for Government was negotiated with two other parties and not all of the Greens policies got into the PFG

Who is the argiest party though? Who gets credit for the world cup?

Great to see the legendary Harry Findlay enjoying the coursing in Galbally this weekend.


A proper mucksavage roaster past time in the 21st century

His yoke hit some speed in whatever trial it was in

The hare went on tour

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That’s coursing… A tough game at the best of times. He’d be aswell to hold him for the Irish Cup now.


Only 1 more chance to get into Clonmel anyway isn’t there?

Its 2023 @Mac

Time to grow up and ditch this shit

Clonakilty in 2 weeks. There’s a couple of meetings next week but would come too soon. Might be 16 dog in Clón which would be ideal for him but too close to Clonmel for him to figure there.

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Unreal, was there that day. The roar hasn’t been repeated since. An awful pity Findlay’s dog didn’t qualify this year.