Gucci Gang


Signing in.


Only Chinese grannies wear Gucci mate.


Is this a ‘coming out’ thread? - I think we all suspected Brian might be gay – fair play kid.


I thought this would be a cool thread about high class robbers or something…
Very disappointed.


First line of the first Cramps song I ever heard.

This one is dedicated to all you Gucci bag carriers.

“You got good taste” from the Smell of Female mini lp


And The Notorious


McGregor’s a Tom Ford man.



McGregor and The Notorious are different people

Like Andy Cole and Andrew Cole.


Pretty sure you’re wrong there bro.


The absolute state of the guy wearing brown shoes with a navy (or is it powder blue?!) suit in the background.


Not sure you know what powder blue is after that statement :thinking:


Electric blue pal or indigo.

Powder blue is more like sky blue like Heffos Army Dublin jerseys.


It is the shirt more so than the shoes that is the bigger fashion mishap for the lad.