Guilty Pleasures

Right lads another music thread…

This is for all them songs that you like but mightn’t be too proud of it…

I will get the ball rolling






Magnificent. Absolutely magnificent.

YouTube - Take that-Back for good

I guess now it’s time that you came back for good.

A karaoke speciality of mine.

Is it a guilty pleasure to like recent New Order stuff?

YouTube - New Order - Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

This guy is completely fucked up and completely sick but there is no doubt that these are gems:

Beat It and Smooth Criminal by Mickey Jackson.

EDIT - Trying loads of different links there and none working.



Hmmm both videos currently unavailable, Farmer.


Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me

can’t fucking stand lily allen but thankfuly there is a version of fear without her squawking on it, unfortunately the vid still has a picture of the moon faced cow, sand to think she could have been the ruination of the chemical brothers…

also toploader

and errr… barcelona !

The Ting tings…

Have this song stuck in my head all day…

[quote=“The Puke”]Have this song stuck in my head all day…

YouTube - James Morrison - Broken Strings[/quote]

The live version with Girls Aloud is far superior Puke

[quote=“dancarter”]The live version with Girls Aloud is far superior Puke

YouTube - James Morrison & Girls Aloud - Broken Strings (The Girls Aloud Party)[/quote]

Top class…Great tune

Heard this song earlier and it is stuck in my head…Someone make it stop

I’ve been singing this to myself for a few days.

Do you actually like these songs? If you don’t then they aren’t a guilty pleasure. If you do like them you need help.

just flicked onto VH1 and this was on…What a cracking tune*

*would have put it in the cracking tunes thread but farmer would be whinging



“For your favourite classic, write to…” :wink:

Glen Campbell should be over in the smashing tunes thread. Played guitar on Pet Sounds so he’s bullet proof far as I’m concerned.


Glen is a ledge - a string of wives, coke binges, drink, he even smashed up a cop once. Jimmy Webb was the genius though.