Guns in Dublin

Is it possible to buy a firearm on the streets of Dublin, as you would buy drugs, say? Any particular locations?? Asking for a friend, you understand.

Do you need ammunition too?

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Give the kinehans a shout. They’ll sort you out.

Yes, ammunition also.

@Myrrve you’re not one of those incels by any chance?

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I am celibate - insofar as I am not in a sexual relationship nor have been for a long period. I am not bitter about this in the least and I like women so am not mysoginistic. I don’t hold extreme right wing views or view myself as particularly physically unattractive. So, I don’t think I meet the criteria for full membership of incel-hood.

So, who do you want to kill?

Talk about jumping to conclusions! Maybe he just wants to give someone a flesh wound or badly incapacitate them?


You could do that with a screwdriver. No, our lad wants to kill some people.

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A hefty refundable deposit needs to be paid and I’ll explain why:
In case it is not returned due to…
-Person your angry at takes it off you
-Police takes it off you
-Self inflicted fatal gunshot
-Blasting the family, then yourself
-You just like the look and feel of the gun and don’t bring it back.

In advance you will pay:
-A price PER bullet (non refundable)
-A premium if it was used to kill a garda officer, journalist, politician or used in a racially charged murder
-Cleaning/Repair fee if not returned in the same or similar condition
-Forensic cleaning service of DNA (optional)
-Silencer (with deposit)
-Scope (with deposit)
-Training (with a ‘troubles approved’ trainer)
-Counter Surveillance Training (optional)

As to what EXACT street they sell all this on, I forget. Two blocks southeast of the Deers Head if I remember right.