Handi Fiv€r 🖐 5️⃣ 💶

TFK Bet continues to find ways to give generous returns to posters who would otherwise be struggling to break even.

This week we’re holding an EPL/FA Cup handicap betting competition.

The rules are:

  • Deposit €5 via Paypal (top of the page here)
  • Receive a very generous 50 points
  • Use that 50 points across 5 bets of your choosing from this weekend’s EPL and FA Cup* games
  • Bet on match winner or on various handicap results
  • It’s all terribly straightforward

As usual, a whopping 90% of the pot will be given out in prize money!

* Arsenal fixtures are excluded because I don’t think we know yet if they’re playing EPL or FA Cup and I can’t be bothered waiting for that to be confirmed.

Are you not doing gaa bets anymore?

Yes. Will do both.

great idea

Why don’t you keep bets at 5 minum

For other sports too?

Yea man you should

Entries are flooding in for this now.

Where is the pay pal link gone to

It’s just at the top of the page for the entries.


Can’t see it. Used to be a € symbol there but no sign of it. I’m on android