Happy Bastille day

Liberty, equality, fraternity…



Still remember watching the 200 year anniversay on TV (below) and the celebrations/fireworks at the Strawberry Fair in Enniscorthy.


…and no burkas.

Its times like this that your mind turns to Thrawneen and his futile pursuit…

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:




Bye Bye Burka
I’m gonna miss you so;
Bye Bye Burka,
Why’d ya have to go?
No more sunshine,
It’s followed you away;
I’ll cry Burka,
Till you’re home to stay.
I’ll miss the way you smile,
As tho’ it’s just for me;
And each and ev’ry night,
I’ll write to you faithfully!
Bye Bye Burka,
It’s awful hard to bear;
Bye Bye Burka
Guess I’ll always care,
Guess I’ll always care,
Guess I’ll always care!

Outside of that being a shite song, what has it got to do with Bastille Day.

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Maybe if you want to know you should listen to it.

It’s only a guess, but I would say he is suggesting we celebrate the birth of democracy with a tipple ot two

Turned it off after 2 mins cos its brutal to listen to, but i see what you were getting at. Its my mothers birthday, so i might indulge a small bit tonight. Incredible amount of birthdays falling today of people i know, and also 2 anniversary of deaths, both young. Its kinda weird.

Today is Bastille day !

Enjoy Pastille Day everybody.


No it’s not the 15th of July yet.