Hard Luck Dunph

As you may know, Dunph has spent the past couple of months in France, what you may not know is that he was in training to participate in the 100m competition at the World Championships in Deagu. Unfortunately he failed to make it out of his heat and finished last but the lad gave his all. Well done Dunph. :clap:




Was that a PB?

The guy is clearly Samoan, those boyos aren’t built to run fast.

Jesus fair play, dunph has lost some weight since the last time i saw him.

Did that lad have to make some qualifying standard?

Nope, the smaller countries ( like the Independent Republic of Tournafulla) don’t have to meet the normal qualifying standards.
He only entered it because he missed out on the shot putt.

He could run a 14.05 back in the school days but sure that’s what Limerick chippers does to you.