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That this only happened 3 generations back… Tipperary has to be the most backward, inbred place in Western Europe…

On March 15, 1895, twenty-eight year old Bridget Cleary, a cooper’s wife, disappeared from her cottage near Clonmel in County Tipperary. Immediately, strange and lurid rumours began circulating the neighbourhood about what had happened. Some said she ran off with an egg seller, others supposed it was an aristocratic foxhunter who had taken young Bridget away. Swirling amid rumours was the barely whispered, but widely held, belief that Bridget had gone with no mortal man; rather, she had gone off with the fairies. The mystery deepened when seven days later her body was discovered, bent, broken and badly burned in a shallow grave. Within a few days, the unimaginable truth came to light: for almost a week before her death Bridget had been confined, ritually starved, threatened, physically and verbally abused, exorcised and, finally, burned to death by her husband, Michael Cleary, her father and extended family who confused her bronchial medical condition with a “fairy dart.” They had all become convinced that “their Bridgie” had been taken from them and her fairy-possed body left behind to deceive them.

She was a stylish dressmaker with additional independent income from keeping hens, who eschewed the customary shawls and scarves of her peers for hats and cashmere jackets. Her husband was a cooper from a neighbouring town who also had a good income. That, along with their childless state, had made them relatively well-off compared to their neighbours and family. The Cleary’s were friendly with their neighbours - an “emergency man”, or caretaker for the landlord who had moved into a farm after a family was evicted during the land wars of the early 1890’s. These neighbours were shunned by a small community resentful of such opportunism. Bridget did the shopping for them and may have been the young husband’s lover. She was out delivering some eggs and hoping to get payment owed from her uncle, and caught a cold that possibly developed into TB on her two-mile trek home. Over the next week Bridget’s condition worsened, yet the doctor, a drunk, refused to come, while the priest stayed 20 minutes and merely gave the last rites. Soon Michael Cleary and Bridget’s uncle, Jack Dunne, a seanchai well versed in herb lore, began to circulate the story that Bridget had been taken by the fairies, and the woman in the bed was a changeling. Some herbal cures were prescribed and forced down Bridget’s throat - she was also manhandled and held over the fire on Thursday, March 15, while being repeatedly asked if she was indeed Bridget or a changeling. Several family members assisted, and neighbours were present the evening before her death. Several more tests were conducted by her male relatives to see if she was truly Bridget - including throwing urine and chicken droppings on her.

By the next morning, she appeared to recover and was up, dressed and out of bed the following evening, when neighbours came at her request to verify that she was better, and not a changeling. After the neighbours left, seemingly still not convinced that she was truly his wife, Michael Cleary tried to force Bridget to eat three pieces of bread before he would give her a cup of tea- she ate two and insisted on the tea. He waved a burning stick in her face, causing her clothing to catch fire. She passed out, and he threw paraffin oil on the “changeling” and burned her to death, all the while screaming that she wasn’t his wife, that his wife would appear riding on a white horse at a ruined hill fort the following evening, when he would cut the cords that bound her with a black-handled knife. On 14 March they held her over the fire to drive the spirits out, and on 15 March Bridget’s husband set fire to her nightgown, throwing on lamp-oil to make the fire burn more fiercely. “She’s not my wife”, he told the assembled people.

“You’ll soon see her go up the chimney”. Brandishing a kitchen knife at her brothers, he forced one of them to help him carry her to a shallow grave. Shortly afterwards, some men reported to their local priest that young Bridget Cleary, who was known to have been ill, had been burned to death by family members, including her husband, in a case of fairy exorcism. The priest in turn went to the police, who found Bridget’s charred body and arrested nine family members, neighbours and friends in connection with the incident. The subsequent trial became a weapon in the hands of Tories opposed to Home Rule for Ireland. After all, how could one grant political autonomy to a people still so in the grip of superstition? Michael Cleary was sentenced to 15 years after which he emigrated to Canada. Tom McIntyre told me an intriguing story from the Clonmel area some time ago when a young man (possibly a Canadian) was observed in the vicinity of the Cleary household only to disappear again. Did Michael re-marry and have a family?

Fucking hell.

Its just as well the priest drank Finches Orange during mass instead of wine and had the cute eye to spot the odd family in the parish.

Holy fuck!

We should make this a thread for highlighting the backwardness and savagery of that disgusting shithole.

Yeah Ireland is a fucking shithole. Dublin is alright but bogland is fucking disgusting.


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Brilliant!! :clap:

Also home to Irelands dumbest criminals…

Gardaí are preparing a file for the Director of Public Prosecutions after a group of young men from Nenagh sparked national outrage when they posted a video of themselves performing reckless driving antics on the internet.

Branded “Ireland’s dumbest criminals” by AA Ireland last week, the group uploaded a video of their driving stunts on the popular You Tube website. The clip, which is understood to have been filmed between Killaloe and Ogonnelloe in Co Clare, shows a driver with one hand and one leg out the window of his car, while in another segment a passenger is seen sitting on the frame of the front passenger window with most of his body outside the car.

The video was viewed more than 9,000 times on You Tube before being taken down last Tuesday week. It drew condemnation from across the country, being posted just days after eight people were killed in a tragic road accident in Donegal, and just over a week after 18-year old Silvermines man Thomas Clarke was jailed for crashing a car and killing three teenagers in Dolla on New Year’s Eve 2008.

Conor Faughman of the AA branded those involved in the You Tube video as “Ireland’s dumbest criminals.”

“Their behaviour is not just reckless and idiotic, it’s criminal,” he added.

Road Safety Authority chief Noel Brett said someone could easily have been killed by the young motorists.

“In one instance, the driver has one of his hands and one of his legs out the window, so he couldn’t brake if he needed to. They’re also passing a ‘Slow, Children Crossing’ sign and are overtaking on a continuous white line. It’s crazy stuff. If a young child had cycled out on that road, if they had come around a corner and found a slow-moving tractor, it would have been mayhem.”

The video continued to be the subject of angry debate on television, radio and in the print media throughout last week, as gardaí launched an investigation into the matter. Officers have since interviewed a number of people from Nenagh who were clearly identifiable in the You Tube video and seized two vehicles, the registration plates of which were also clearly visible.

“Our investigation is ongoing,” a spokesperson at Nenagh Garda Station told The Guardian this week.

“Statements have been taken with a view to prosecution but that decision will be made by the DPP. We hope to send a file to the DPP shortly.”

This is not the first time national attention has focused on rash joyriding in the Nenagh area.

Twice in 2006 videos of ‘boy racers’ racing each other on narrow public roads and performing stunts such as ‘donuts’ in a supermarket car park in Nenagh were posted on You Tube. The videos were quickly removed again after national media coverage and criticism from the RSA resulted in calls for those involved to be punished. However it is understood that no prosecutions were ever taken resulting from Garda investigations at the time.

Absolute scum…

The actions of a group of thugs has led to a massive gardai operation to combat the activities of a gang who had created mayhem and terror in Tipperary Town which culminated in unprovoked attacks on innocent people on St. Patricks Day.

The savage nature of the assaults on an American tourist and at least five others who were enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in the town led to three days of debate on the national airwaves on Joe Duffy’s Liveline show, an unprecedented air and armed garda operation mounted in the town, a Dail debate and calls for a Garda Commissioner to investigate what happened in the town on Tuesday of last week.

The disturbing images captured on CCTV on the town’s Main Street highlight the savagery of the attack on an American tourist, James P Fall from St.Louis, who had arrived in the locality that day to enjoy the parade and tour the Glen of Aherlow. He was in Tipperary with his wife and sister and was set upon by a gang after he had crossed the road in the town to avoid the men. He was treated at three hospitals and has returned to the US.

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Waterford, Ireland / WLR

Daniel Keating

October 09, 2018 12:41 pm

Bishop tells of new group to fight evil spirits...

The Bishop of Waterford has agreed with Pope Francis that Satan is to blame for the abuse crisis in the church and says he is setting up a group to fight against evil spirits.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan says the group will be attending houses where people who may have been involved in any type of seance have opened up a door to Satan.

“Does Satan want to destroy the human person?,” the Bishop told Eamon Keane on ‘Deise Today’. “Of course he does. Not only the church but anywhere and everywhere he will get in, he has come to destroy.”

Bishop Cullinan claims that one Reiki Master was working on someone when they saw a vision of Satan.

“He was scared out of his wits, dropped the Reiki and went back to church.”

According to the Bishop, the ministry group will pray and recite – with the permission of the Bishop – the prayers of exorcism.

He said it was a tricky area; it must “never be done on one’s own” and there always has to be prayer behind it.

” I remember one particular priest who was involved in the case of a young girl who came with her mother. There were four men to hold her down in the chair and the priest had warned the four guys beforehand to just make sure they had gone to confession. One guy didn’t go to confession and the girl with the voice that was not hers, a male voice that was coming out of her actually called out the sins of the guy who had not been to confession, so that’s kind of scary stuff.”

The Bishop who has felt the presence of Satan himself, claims that one of the priests in his diocese will be sent for training which will take a while.

“I would hope that people will not get scared and I’m sorry if I am scaring anybody.”

He has appealed for trust in Jesus and has warned people about opening themselves up to challenging wrong spirits.

I dont know whether I should use a laughing or an angry emoji in response to that … fucking hell…

Cocaine is one helluva drug

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Did any of you lads ever use a Ouija board growing up?

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He has agreed with Pope Francis.

As in Frank believes it too?

The Phons is a Clare native so he would have a lifelong belief in Pookas

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