Has anyone here made The Big Switch?

Forgive me if there is a thread on this already…But, I’m wondering has anyone already made the change over from ESB (robbing bastards) to Bord Gais Electricity and if so, how have you got on with the billing etc?
I got my ESB bill for the last 2 months. I checked the estimated units etc and they tally pretty much ok, but the bill is outrageous - E291. My christmas ESB bill was ‘only’ E262! ffs.

I switched alright MB. There’s no catch to going with Bord Gis or Airtricity. Both are cheaper. If you already have gas then BG are cheaper than Airtricity but they’re both well cheaper than ESB.

Switch is straightforward but takes a couple of months to process. Think Airtricity switch you much quicker though.

no …

ye i switched a good few months ago and am expecting the first bill from them soon. its a no brainer i cant understand why the whole country didnt do it.

Does this literally involve nothing only a bti of paperwork?

Moving into my new house soon enough so might look at getting it switched over to one of these.

[quote=“The Runt”]Does this literally involve nothing only a bti of paperwork?

Moving into my new house soon enough so might look at getting it switched over to one of these.[/QUOTE]

for BG you can do it online runt, you need your mprn number and/or ac number. a meter reading will speed things up they say. it takes 2 minutes max.

Made the switch over myself, haven’t seen a bill though but have BG in to heat the house so might as well go with them. Lucy Kennedy nearly made me go to Airtricity as she is such a cunt.

Good to see the wife is allowing you to use the internet again locke

Should you not be cooking at this hour of the evening?

Some bloke rang me during the week about this.

As I have no gas in my building and have only been in it for six months, it turns out I have to pay a deposit.

I asked your man how much it was and he said he needed to consult the ‘knowledge management system’. I then heard him shouting over to someone else ‘how much is the deposit?’


Anyway, I am considering making the switch. Seems pretty straightforward.

I had ESB in my new house after I finished building it, got a massive bill just after christmas. made the switch and just got my first bord gais one for the last 2 months at €110. and everything I have works off electricity, underfloor heating and heat pump, washer, dryer, dishwasher, heat recovery ventilation. some relief seeing it only being that amount, especially as the heating would have been up a bit in feb. well worth the change anyway.

Airtricity confirms energy prices hikes

16/08/2011 - 16:22:25
Airtricity energy customers are facing huge hikes in their bills next month with electricity going up 12.3% and gas a massive 21.2%.

The company blamed increases in wholesale energy prices and warned that it could no longer absorb the costs without passing them on to the household market.

Kevin Greenhorn, Airtricity chief executive, said the company regrets having to increase energy prices in “these difficult times”.

“Airtricity has sought to lead the way in price reductions and bring competition to the Irish electricity and gas markets,” he said.

“It gives us no pleasure to announce our first price increase since joining the mass domestic market in 2008.

“Unfortunately there has been a significant increase in wholesale energy prices, and while we have done our best to absorb these costs we can no longer do so.

“In recognition of increased pressure on living costs we will continue to support our customers in innovative ways to budget for this increased cost.”[/left]

what a shower of cunts. I switched back to ESB there a couple of weeks back from BordGais as their prices went up on 1st Aug. I checked between all 3 of them which would be best, and ESB was only marginally better than Airtricity, and when I was on the phone to Airtricity, yer wan was telling me ESB will raise their prices next March and she would guarantee their prices for 12 months. I said it wasnt worth the risk as ESB were a more repuatable company than Airtricity (the amount of calls fromt he cunts trying to get me to change, and the lies they’d spew). She said no no, Airtricity werent in the game of getting people in and then landing them with increases straight away.

ESB must be by far the cheapest on the market now again.

This shit pisses me off. It’s the same in the telecoms sector and the energy sector and a load of other semi-regulated industries. The regulators facilitate confusion instead of competition. Eircom have these ads now about switching back to them and it costs €x per month for 6 months and then goes back up again. Same deal with these energy competitors - one is cheaper for a few months (encouraged by the Regulator) and then when they get a decent customer base the prices rocket again.

One of the goals of the regulators in introducing competition is to share customers (hence not allowing ESB to compete with Bord Gáis and Airtricity on price for 12 months or whatever) but the reason for that is supposed to be to benefit the consumer. All we’ve done now is turn a transparent market into a confusing market where it’s a pain in the hole trying to work out who is cheapest. Progress? Fuck that.

I was just about to switch to Airtricity today. We were waiting on the first ESB bill since coming home and it arrived today. I’ll be hoping the papers do the research and work out who’s cheapest for the next while for me.