Help! Im 36 & don't know what to do!

Im sick of the office. Sick of the job. Sick of the partner. Sick of Limerick. Bored out of me banger.

I have 20 grand saved.

Thinking about packing it in & go do something else. What is there out there for 36 year old in this situation?

Any ideas? Complete clean canvas to work with and 20 grand to use. What could I do or where can I go?


Genuine replies only please.

Have you tried shoving your thumb up your hole?


Move to Cork pal.

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Are you married? Have you kids?

What line of work roughly are you in? Or would you like to get into?

You’ve the funds there to either open a small business of some sort or re-educate yourself to do something else…

Do you know what you’d like to do? The rest will be easy after that.

Not Married and no kids.

My only outgoings are rent and keeping the car on the road.

Iv been working in offices for the guts of 15 years. Have a UL degree in business.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Id be willing to go abroad and willing to spend all my cash. Ideas Gentlemen, Ideas.

The question stands – what the fuck would you like to do – as in what line of work? — other than narrowing that down you’re wasting everyone’s time here Peter.

What part of Limerick are you from anyway kid?

Walk the PCT, but be carefull.

Sounds like a midlife crisis. You’ll be dead at 72 then.

You’ve had plenty of experience of life. If you haven’t come across anything by this stage that piques your interest you have to decide between lifestyle and money. But you also have to be realistic about what good a lifestyle a fairly ugly, 36 year old, social-media addicted roaster could realistically have.

If your girlfriend loves you she’ll support you in retraining but you’d want to be sure of what you want.


Stay the fuck away from English women.
If it were me, I’d try and rent a bar or coffee shop somewhere warm for the summer.


I want to do something completely different. Im not being smart but if I knew what to do I wouldnt be looking for advice off a bunch of anonymous internet messagers.

I want to see can this message board come uo with any decent ideas for a chap in his mid 30’s with 20 grand to spare and a blank canvas to work with. All genuine ideas appreciated.

Im originally from Milford Grange but living in town now.

I did the same thing ten years ago on paddy’s day. The 20k won’t help much unless you have something you know a lot about, and if you do you probably won’t need the 20k…send it to me for safekeeping- it’s the safety net that makes you fall.
Business degrees are great for stupid people, but yours will only help you find your way back to where you are now.
Have you something you know a lot about?


I’m thinking of retraining as a therapist/ psychologist because I could be of great use to the TFK then.

I got the idea a few weeks ago when I came home very late from work after a bad day. I started looking at other jobs in my field and they were all equally awful. Then it came to me out of the blue that I should retrain.

Funny enough I was also reading TFK rape trial thread that night. Coincidence?

Do a KLF on it … Go into John’s square and record yourself burning the 20k in small notes live on social media … you’ll get your 15 mins of fame…

You can then go back to saving another 20k as that seems to be the one thing to bring you true happiness.

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Anyway — You’d know all the bold boys from out Castletroy way so i’d say… a lot of bold boyz out that way.

Do you honestly believe that the drones on here are going to come up with something creative?

Has he considered becoming an accountant?

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If that doesn’t work he should go shit in his hat.

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As long as he removes the thumb first obviously …