Here We Go Again

We’ll be having some downtime soon. I’ve prepared a thoughtful Q&A on the topic.

How long will it last?

Shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours maximum.

When will it happen?

Could be this weekend, could be next weekend.

Why is this happening?

We need/want to upgrade the software. Not much in the way of functionality changes but some improvements to things like the Quote function and soms ironing out of a few small bugs.

Also, the biggest problem at the moment seems to the with the Apps. I don’t think this change will fix the Apps necessarily but it will probably make it possible for me to fix them in a few days.

Will it change the look & feel of the site?

In short, yes. If you’re on the Fran skin then you won’t see many changes - just a few different sidebar things on the forum view. Threads themselves will largely look the same. There will be a better “back to top” button.

Also the standard homepage view will be based more around recent threads - than a list of forums which is a bit redundant when everyone clicks on The Board Room anyway.

If you’re on a different skin then God only knows what will happen. There is a chance that those skins won’t work anymore but we’ll find that out when I’m done.

Will this bring the Dunph back?

That’s not my place to speculate.

@Rocko - will these changes to code be done by an indigenous programmer or will you be using some out of the box solutions?

The tfk team just need to keep their laces tied. Get the baton round the track.

@Rocko once you’ve broken the website during the upgrade how long will it be before you can change it back?

It will be a blend of the two Chewy. A bespoke customization to an out of the box solution.

Post reported.

These “upgrades” rarely, if ever, go well. They also usually mean the loss of features as opposed to gaining any new ones.


Great work @Rocko

Fuck sake. Wake up a little bit hungover to this shit again.

This is a minor upgrade lads. It won’t be breaking anything.

No offence, pal but once bitten, twice shy if you get me.

This better not happen while France are smashing the Irish rugger boys, this is the only e-place I have left to vent.

Said one Malaysian Airlines pilot to another

Hi Rocko
please schedule the DT between 2-30 PM to 5-30 PM GMT today friday 14th march.
this way we can ensure the forum is back for the important weekend sporting events

Should some sort of alert be issued to the women of the midlands during the downtime.
Idle hands and all that…

[quote=“TreatyStones, post: 916433, member: 1786”]Should some sort of alert be issued to the women of the midlands during the downtime.
Idle hands and all that…[/quote]
I’ll be down your neck of the woods this weekend mate, if thats what you’re referring to :wink:

Well done on the artfoleyesque post though :clap:

[quote=“myboyblue, post: 916434, member: 180”]
Well done on the artfoleyesque post though :clap:[/quote]

That’s a really horrible thing to say