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Damien Rice must be crushed.

Crushed rice is a staple of Burmese cuisine, I believe. Bit harsh to want to use Damien Rice for such a dish, though?

Burma is a much better name than Myanmar

Well done Bono, look what you’ve caused:

Fucking Bono is a pox

George ‘Tassotti’ Harvey giving it licks in the comment section…

George Harvey
3hours ago

In the Philippines, Muslims are fighting Christians; in Thailand and Myanmar, Muslims are fighting Buddhists; in India/Pakistan, Muslims are fighting Hindus and Sikhs; in the Middle East, Muslims want to slaughter all Jews; in Egypt, Muslims are killing Coptic Christians; in Africa, Muslims are murdering Christians; In Pakistan, Muslim oppression of the Christian minority is horrific; in Western Europe, Muslims are murdering Europeans; in Muslim countries, Sunnis and Shias are murdering each other and anyone else they can get their hands on.

Am I the only person who can see a pattern here?

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