Hey rock

This one is for you, Rock…

did you hear Stevie Irwin sucked croc cock because its not like rock,
silly of me to mock,
a man who lost his block not to a croc but to a 'ray under the dock,
the crowds came flock,
Nobody gave a fock - it was Irwin; his chest in a jock, from the knock,
Funeral’s over, time to go on the lock,
And score with his wife who’s filthy as fock,

So next time yer down at the dock,
Take a moment to stop,
And look at the fock who got stabbed by a stingrays cock

Stevie “Croc-jock” Irwin RIP :’(

Thats quite good oxball.

its the rays of light like this that make your ‘dum diddle be ba dop’ posts bareable.

Rock, get your poetry hat on and retort

Irwin lives
by Ball Ox

Hey diddle diddle,
Irwin lives, I saw him in Lidl.

He was buying fake arms in the aisle in the middle,

I wanted to shake his stump but i needed to piddle,

So i went round the corner and did a little,

When he was coming out of Lidl,

And he saw me piddle,

He said “Gee youre dick is little”

Said I: “Thats not what your wife said last weekend in Spiddle” :slight_smile:

I think you’ve finally found your calling Ball Ox. Cracking poetry there.

great stuff there ball ox