Hibs v Celtic ☘

Nawrocki dropped for Welsh.
Kyogo dropped/rested for Idah
Palma and Abada dropped for Kuhn and Maeda

Penalty to Celtic.

Who’ll take this?

A litany of missed ones & Palma is on the bench.

Pretty sure Johnston had to go off at Easter Road earlier this season with concussion & he’s taken another sore one to the head there in earning the penalty.




Would you have dropped Nawrocki @Bandage? I tend to be overly generous in my assessment of newer players but I think he did well until the soft booking at the weekend. And importantly I think Welsh is really poor with the ball. Which just allows teams to double up on McGregor when our centre backs are negative or conservative.

O’Riley seems to have a deeper role tonight. Closer to McGregor than Bernardo much of the time which is probably a response to us getting overrun there at times in the second half at the weekend.

Some chance there for Hibs. Our defending was very slack.

Hibs dominating this now

Idah looks good at this level in fairness.

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Scales, I dunno, he slows the ball down I always think.

That wasn’t very impressive I don’t think.

Two centre backs are slow on the ball. McGregor can’t get on it. Have barely seen Ralston or Kuhn in an attacking sense. They’ve both been guilty of allowing easy crosses into our box too.

Been better on the other side and with O’Riley and Bernardo though O’Riley is heavily marked.

I think we need McGregor further forward these days. His movement is good but he can’t do that when sitting between two (slow) centre backs. I think we would have seen more of Iwata if he was fit and Holm doesn’t seem to be trusted yet.

He takes a lot of touches sometimes just to play a simple pass. To be fair he does try some more ambitious passes but when he’s just moving the ball around it’s all much too laborious.

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I dunno, he looked aggressive & strong early on & was playing those positive forward passes. But he kinda fell to pieces after half time & I don’t think you can just give him a pass because a booking unsettled him. When the game got stretched it obviously didn’t help him but his lack of pace really stood out & he became awfully nervy & uncertain. Maybe a show of faith tonight would have been good for his confidence but I don’t think he can have too many complaints.

Nice confident penalty that. I like the cut of his jib.
Trouble is, if he plays well, he’s gone.

I thought Kuhn was meant to be lightning quick but he cut back inside a lot & has been beaten going the other way by their left back. Maybe he’s getting up to match speed.

Yeah I think that’s fair.

I guess I might have a different opinion if it wasn’t Welsh he was dropped for. I mean he’s not exactly blessed with pace himself.

Way too many touches at the back & in midfield alright. Idah has been on numerous times but hasn’t received the pass. Only O’Riley has looked to find him early so far.

1-1. Just weak & poor from the initial foul & then defending the box. Good strike by Levitt.

Ffs sake.

Very good strike. The defending from Welsh initially was shocking.

Not sure if we had anyone looking to pick up the knock down though