High Jinks

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Oh shit!!! Was there a fatality there Bandage?

Holy fuck. Is that a Liverpool jersey?

No, he was fine - he was wearing his seatbelt.

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:smiley: Cool the way the cunt’s shoes fell off!

I’ve watched it a couple of times and it doesn’t get old, i spit a load of drink all over the screen the first time i saw it… :smiley:

is that flano?yer man drivin was proably surprised the car had the power to drive over him

This one’s the worst I’ve ever seen

It was yer Ma.

WTB - Where was that?

wahey slurpp slurpphttp://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif man gets run over by a hotpoint


[SIZE=5]THE PRINCIPAL of a Skerries school, which was put up for sale on Donedeal by some of its Sixth Year students, has described it as a ‘harmless prank.’[/SIZE]

Kevin O’Riordan of Skerries Community School told the Fingal Independent, a ‘number of offers’ to buy the school had been made, before the ad was taken down from the website.

‘It was all a bit of harmless fun by some of the student,’ he said, adding that they did get a few phone calls offering to buy the school – one from a man posing as Paddy McGinnity, who said he also wanted his goat back!

He said that they unfortunately had to decline Mr McGinnity’s offer.

Donald Trump has made a substantial offer that we cannot refuse,’ quipped Mr O’Riordan, adding that Mr Trump may have plans to convert the school into a golf course. ‘But with the offer he has made, which we cannot disclose, sure we could build seven new schools,’ he joked.

The students who posted the ad gave the school a price of €2.5 million and pitched it as some kind of mega mansion, describing it as a ‘large 25,000 sq ft building over two storeys at present housing a secondary level school. Art rooms, Woodwork rooms, Science labs, Library, Assembly hall, Basketball Court, large gym hall and 50 other classrooms. Equipped with WiFi.’

‘We did see the funny side to the ad and sure it’s better than students throwing eggs etc at the school which does happen around the country,’ added Mr O’Riordan.

The Sixth Year students, who are currently preparing to sit their Leaving Certificate, were given a ‘send-off’ party last Wednesday evening at the school and held their graduation on Sunday morning in the school gym.

Fingal Independent