What’s your point?

@Fran must be having a super holiday what with licking sand off oat bars and reading every thread on tfk from start to finish.

I throw you a like for an old post and this is the thanks I get

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I’ve given you a like for that.

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Where you at, pal?

What’s the place like @Fran? Remember to bring home your top 10 tips for me.

Cambrils Holiday Park resort in Spain, pal.

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Great stuff…What’s the weather like? I’m off to the Costa next week and can’t fucking wait… Of course I’ll be staying in a private complex with two private pools.

I haven’t forgotten about you @Rocko. It’s a very good spot in fairness. When are you going again?

ok mate, I might go to, I generally prefer France and Italy as the Spanish are peasants but give me some details please

He’s bringing myself, @LetterkennyMan, @briantinnion and @ClarkeyCat to France for the Euros.

It was very mixed for the first few days, but today has been sunny all day and the outlook for the next week or so is good.


I prefer Italy myself, mate. Think I’ll do Sardinia again when the kids get older.

I’ll compile a full list of tips upon my return

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@Fran & @The_Selfish_Giant are dead right about Italy & France.

Is Port Aventura still going strong @Fran ?

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What day are you going kid? Are you bringing your limerick goalkeeper Jersey?

I think so ccha, we haven’t ventured there yet, not sure if we’ll bother

Next Wednesday. I most likely won’t have any roaster regalia with me, no.

They had very good evening shows. Was there twice when my crew was smaller. A full scale pirate battle on the lake was great fun.

About what time and what age suits? My youngest is not yet 2 and the attention span is not great

Might be too young. I reckon last time for us was 10 years ago.

I recall being in Salou in 2004 in some Irish bar watching the Cork/Waterford Munster final when I fell into a drinking session with a Tyrone crew led by WJ Dolan who had been shirt sponsor until that year. He was not best pleased to have lost the sponsorship. They were a sound bunch. He kept buying rounds for perhaps 7 or 8 of his crew, a few biffos who had joined in and myself. Mrs CCHA had the kids for the day, there was nothing for it when I got back to the apartment but to change tshirt and go out again to fill her with wine and catch up with me.

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