Homegrown Talent. Valerie Wheeler is off the table lads

Her right bicep is no match for her left calf


She looks like that drug smuggler one.

She’d throw a fine child with those hips whoever she is.

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No bother putting a strong bull on her.

Has a couple already and still in almighty good nick. They rare them well in that part of paradise.

Cork camogie player Saoirse McCarthy


Fierce patriarchal of you.

Eh, yeah, whatever.

There’s something desperately sad about Instagram/celebrity culture and the depths people will go to to debase themselves purely to remain “relevant”.

Una is a classic example, Matt Hancock no less.

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Agree with that.

Yasmin Seky of Kin fame.


Dearbhla from Fair City scrubs up well.


Una will be presenting the late late soon

Eyebrows like door mats

This lady is on the Late Late Show tonight looking well.

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She looks very voluptuous in that photo. Lovely lady indeed

Her Dad is from Ghana and presumably her Mam is Irish.

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I think it’s the other way around.

No it’s not.

He has a fair tan on him sitting in the Late Late Show audience if that’s the case.


You could eat your dinner off of that.