Homegrown Talent. Valerie Wheeler is off the table lads


I’d say she’d cough it up and hand it back to your raw.

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Have you seen the rest of the pics? I’d say you are right!

You’d do time for that


Who is he? What does he do?

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Nobody’s really ugly. Just poor.

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She’s not in any way attractive.

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Ok maybe she’s closer to the roughish thread but I reckon you’d be lying if you didn’t admit that you would.

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I don’t know - honestly.

She has obviously had work done but I don’t think she looks much even with that - bear in mind all the filters that are on there.

Lashed to death with makeup many women appear attractive… Scrape it away and they’re pig ugly. Like this wan.


Beat me to it…


I have literally spent the last five minutes trying to find that picture in my phone,

Best fancy dress ever.


Is fancy dress still a thing?
That was a bit close to the wire.


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She did an interview about this on vogue Williams podcast. Thought she came across fairly well, seem like much more of a level headed lady than what you’d expect.

She met Haye on a dating app for celebs
Used to meet him when she was in London go on a date and get the :dart:
Knew it was never long term thing because he had cheated on his wife etc before
Knew the ex was on the scene (other lady in Q) and didn’t mind as Haye was completely open about seeing them both
Haye suggested they go away together for a few days. She agreed rather than end up in tabloids as being “the other woman” that Haye was cheating on
There was never a throuple, never a threesome…she was never romantically involved with the other wan

My own take is that Haye was knocking them both, neither cared really as it was just about the :dart:…una saw chance for a few days in the sun and went with him …maybe somewhat naeievely…

I dunno what’s worse, listening to vogues podcast or believing the ‘explaining=losing’.


I wonder what the admission process for this is… is @Fagan_ODowd on the adjudicating panel?


If you’re a single celebrity and not on Raya, I’m not sure what you’d be at

Before you think about sneaking onto the platform sometimes known as the “Tinder Illuminati” of the dating-app-world, there’s a complex application process – which includes being referred by three people, and then being vetted by an unknown panel of judges. Rumour has it, Raya has over ten times more people waiting to get on the app – than those currently on it.

The New York Times reports only about 8% of applications are accepted, meaning Raya has a higher rejection rate than the illustrious Harvard Business School.