Hong Kong

Are the Chinese about to invade?

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How would we know? They all look the same to me.

“They”? You are they mate.

Different shark Ted.

China China China

That would put it up the Brits

No. They are already there. They’re about to take over alright. And not Conor McGregor style.

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They can’t be far off.

The Brits will be trying to get a super duper trade deal off them post Brexit, they’ll do fuck all. Not that there is much they could do realistically anyway.

They’ll do a fair bit of shouting. Cos they should still be running the world you see…

Question for the forum:

I would like to show some solidarity with my Hong Konger (Hong Kongian?) brethren. I have read my George Orwell and I think that this is one of the defining moments of the 21st century. The chinks in Beijing have me well rattled.

I would like to join in a protest somewhere in Dublin but I can’t find any solidarity groups online. Does anyone know anything at all about Irish-Hong Kong solidarity groups?

There’s a Chinese restaurant called Hong Kong in Limerick.

Give them a bell, they’ll surely know

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Yes there’s a Hong Kong lad working in a barbershop I used to go to as well. I might pop in and ask him.

Demonstration for Hong Kong democracy between 2 and 5pm in the Garden of Remembrance today. I will see all my fellow TFKers there.

Never waste a crisis.

I never knew the background to British Hong Kong and the opium wars till this morning, listening to Sapiens on Audible, fascinating book in fairness

The Brits were some shower.