Horse Racings Shame

Horses being shot, jockey’s in coma’s, enough is enough. Ban this savagery and jail anyone with anything to do with it.

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Signing in.

Animal killing for the enjoyment of upper class toffs masquerading as ‘sporting’ activity.

End it. Now.

I think there was already a few of these threads.

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Whipping a horse around a field for fun is beyond cruel.

Horses are delicious.

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That prick who ran the horse Peter Toole is in a coma after should be banned aswell. It’s time these no hopers were banned from all Grade 1 races, not just the championship races at Cheltenham. A jockey could lose his life over that fool’s pipedream. Horses like that are dangerous when running at that level they’re so out of their depth.

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if they were going to keep any sport of the 17th century gentry it shoulf have been bull baiting, not this vile spectacle

Pathfork will win @ Newmarket gentlemen


On at 12s :pint:

MBB managed to use two apostrophes above when there was no need, he then failed to use one when he should have.

I have no beef with horse racing and enjoy an occasional flutter. Carry on.

Briantinnion has spoken. :clap:

I have, also noticed, that MBB has, a tendency, to include, commas for no apparent, reason.

:frowning: Me no learn so good.

I’ve just been informed that a lady jockey won the Irish Grand National yesterday. How embarrassing for the simpletons that follow this muck. :lol:

Organisedconfusion won the national and he is most certainly not a lady jockey mate

This is some shockingly backward shit from bandages and I had him down as one of those enviro gay types


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Not a sport.

They shoot horses don’t they?