House alarms

@Mullach_Ide What you make of the Swann CCTV ?

Still sitting in the box :rofl: Did you purchase.

A tidy job.

You’ll have it set up in a day.

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Are they gone back to the front line yet?

Got a quote off of phone watch, €39 for installation the €43 a month for 12 months.

Might try the guys down in Tramway as they’re local.

Special ops


Do you need a monitored one? Would you not just get one that makes the noise and hopefully a neighbor gets suspicious and/or the noise is enough to scare them off?

That’s what I’m thinking

You’ll never own phone watch. Sham. Got one from Home Secure last month. Very happy with it. 3 years fee and then the system is yours.

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FYI im paying €20 a month for phone watch. It was similar for the first year and then i argued some poor fella down when it expired. Was up again lately and they just gave me the €20 a month without asking

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Do you mind me asking the monthly fee costs?