House alarms

House alarms lads. I don’t have one but am gonna get one. The phonewatch lad called tonight. 200 installation and 520 a year for monitoring which seems pretty steep. Anyone got any advice, experience, tips or abuse,obviously, that they’d ĺke to share. Apparently we’d like like a monitored one I think. Thanks in advance lads.

Are you based in around Limerick?

No. Fingal.

You’re fucked mate, the Eastern seaboard is a cesspit of crime and a monitored alarm will probably only antagonise the scrotes.

Sell up and move to the Midwest/Wild Atlantic Way /Shannonside Region

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I was there the other day. Spent Monday in Limerick/Ennis. Didn’t sell itself to me.

Get a Swann ( cc @balbec ) CCTV system while you’re at it


Ennis :rollseyes: ffs sake sure you can’t even be born in that place

I’ll sell you an empty box to stick on the wall, be grand


Not worth a fuck. An acquaintance of mine was broken into by a gang of five in broad daylight. he’d a monitored alarm, they were in and out in five minutes. All wore masks. Thankfully none of them were at home at the time.

Yes worth a fuck. Even for pushing the burglars on to the next gaff without one. More solutions please lads.

If they want to get in they’ll get in. I keep a number means to put the cunts out of my house should they come in while I’m at home.

Have you anything worth stealing in the gaff?

I’ve cameras that send alerts with video images to my phone. Couple of weeks before Xmas a fella came up to the front door in the morning while we were all at work- camera led signalled they sensed the motion - heard your man say bollocks and turned on he’s heals. Cunt was over the side gate cleaning us out only for them.


Installation price can depend on the amount of Windows and zonal areas you’d need. Assuming you’d need wireless points too rather than hard wired ones. Very much ball park, but you’d probably get something decent in for 1.5 or 2k. More expensive than phone watch install, but you can get there with it’s own contact system for monitoring, so that you can control it through text messages and calls. There would be no maintenance, other than topping up the mobile sim card every 6 months so that texts and calls can be sent from the unit. Shop around through electricians and security companies who should be able to quote. The money is in maintenance and yearly monitoring fees, but absolutely can sort it yourself cheaper long term without yearly costs but have monitoring. Only difference is you and other selected people get the alerts when the Alarm goes off.

As you mention, just having the box itself on the wall is a deterrent. CCTV is another handy thing that is getting cheaper too


350 euro will get a DVR and 4 1080p camers.

The DVR sends an email and a notification to the app when it detects motion then.

Mighty job.


You need to make it known around the area you aren’t to be trifled with. Ive explained this before in great detail.

Feale Security based around North Kerry/West Limerick /North Cork offer a great service

Yeah I was looking up some decent wifi camera systems lately. Good for monitoring but in terms of deterring cunts an alarm box is good too. You can also get fake Alarm boxes too to put up that look the real deal but do nothing. Cheap means but can be effective.

Go way you sneaky fucker! Your not dealing with an elderly bachelor here…


Are you based near Limerick?