House Rental Websites

Anyone know of any other websites, apart form daft, that are any good for finding places to rent? is another one afaik.

Rather you than me. It’s some pain in the a$$ moving house.

This is beginning to become quite a pain in the hole now. People saying they cant wait then when theres a bit of movement backing out. Jaysus, women, what ya gonna do ???

Went to view a house advertised as 4 bedrooms. The “fourth” bedroom was a small dining area at the back of the house. The guy says to me “this could be the fourth bedroom” my first thought “No it fooking couldnt” Fooking cowboys >:)

U moving in with the bird, flano? It’s a huge step. I know rocko regrets it. :slight_smile:

No not my bird, 2 maybe 3 birds though, Im beginning to reconsider

Lived with birds before - it’s tough when there’s football on and they’re moaning about watching Sex and the City or something. ‘But you were watching football last night…you’re always watching football…’ Enjoy.

The football thing is my main concern. I may rope in one of the lads to even things up

Had to tell my housemate to sling his hook today. I’d rather have been putting down an auld sheepdog to be honest.
When he turned on the “man I’ll be sleeping in a motorcar if I can’t sleep in this place” I nearly broke but luckily I stood my ground and said “end of April, finito” even though he’s Portugese.

I once booted out two Polish girls in similar fashion. It’s tough but it has to be done.

He has really been wrecking my head lately. He got some shock but I think he’s accepted it now, been surfing on daft anyway.


Off to bed now to read Castle Rackrent.

Did you tell him the truth?

I did it before, threw out two girls who were livening mith me and two mates was good friends with them too. I volunteered to do it, told th oter two lads to go for a pint after work, sat the two girls down…

Look if it was up to me…but them two cnts…touchy bastards…

Burn no bridges

Banker in lying bastard shocker.