How do you access TFK?

I’m sure I could figure this out by looking at logs or analytics or something but I figure a poll will do instead.

In order to make sure the site is accessible for everyone can you answer the poll above and provide any other detail here about things that annoy or don’t annoy you about going onto the site from various sources.

You can choose more than one preference if you use more than one route to access.

Analytics > Vistors > Browser Capabilities > Browsers

You can also what OS your visitors are using.

Thanks Runty.

Last time I found where to look I didn’t think it was wholly accurate for mobiles - maybe because of user agent mapping or something. I know I was accessing from a Nokia symbian phone at the time through Opera Mini but looked like a desktop user for some reason.

Anyway I’ll take another look.

Sure throw up the monthly keyword searches as well while your at it?

Looking at that there’s 0.14% of visits coming from Android browsers. That’s just wrong as far as I can tell from other stats. I wonder if some of those come through as being Chrome if the stock browser is Chrome based. iPhone is also 0.24% which seems very low. I think members are fare more likely to visit from a mobile device than guests (so visits might be a lower proportion for mobile devices but higher for people who stay longer) but still think those figures are odd.

No Opera option is disappointing Rocko.

Did you know that Opera is the number 1 browser in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and Uzbekistan….Seriously!

Opera is my secondary browser and a very decent on at that. I’d consider switching from Chrome to it. Those Kazakh’s know the score.

Why are people still using IE6?

Some workplaces are still using it.

They shouldn’t really be though.
From a security point of view.

Yeah they shouldn’t (I think it may even be against some odd law in Germany to remain on IE6) but some companies are just so intransigent because it means testing other software for conflicts etc so they never get around to upgrades.

Doggy style is a glaring omission.