How does one cancel their membership


Most people just don’t login again.

Yes, but that’s not quite the same “grand statement”, plus you don’t get to be the centre of attention that you get by starting a thread about how you aren’t going to post anymore (instead of, well… just not posting anymore).

Mickee got to SLR pretty easily I see. Fuck knows how Mickee gets to anyone but still.

I propose a Cancel Membership button. Not logging in is not a solution, over time, you will always give in

Stop being such a sook. Ignore the bad men and they will go away. You have a thread dedicated to Limerick GAA that you can post away to your hearts content, no matter how inane.

My brother and brother in law will still be reporting on your fashion sense and choice of culinary delights. It makes no ends to me.

Have deleted my Clarehurlers Account. If management are reading this, I wish to have my profile deleted.


Don’t throw the toys out of the pram and hit the ignore button on a few heads and you’ll be happy out.

I have wasted the last hour on forums when I need to be doing work for my masters. I have reached a stage in my life where enough time has been spent on forums. The time has come to hang up my keyboard


Just an observation, but you seem like such an attention seeking cunt.

Will you ever just fuck off SLR and come back if you want you drama queen

Will someone please plug out the life support machine and cancel my account.

That is all

What’s the MA in, pal?

I’d imagine one just fucks off…

Is your MA going to be hand written?

Trends in social media

SLR, you will never be free from TFK.


Just walk away from it Henry, you are too nice for this place.

This is all slightly reminiscent of when Tony Considine wanted slr to fuck off but he wouldn’t go, and he hung around like a bad smell making a tool of himself.

Take a break for a few weeks SLR.

Get your internetting hunger back when the National League resumes in February.