How to post on TFwiKi

This is a guide to using TFwiKi. A tiny bit drunk while writing this so excuse all the errors.

The main point you really need to know is that where I’ve used <> brackets in examples you need to use [] brackets in reality.

[h=2]General Gist of Things[/h]

TFwiKi articles/posts/wikis whatever you want to call them can be about any object under the sun. The purpose of a Wiki is to produce collaborative information that anyone can access and that anyone can edit. Editing privileges on TFwiKi will be limited to TFK members.


So how does it work…

[h=3]How to Create an Article[/h]
There are a number of ways to create an article:

  1. You can use this link which I will make a button for shortly.

  2. You can follow the syntax for TFwiKi which gives the following format to TFwiKi articles:

So if you want to create a new article entitled “Euro 2012” you would key in the web address: Note how spaces are replaced by the + symbol

If the article does not exist already you’ll be given a blank article that you can start writing away on by clicking Edit.

  1. You can link to the article from an article that exists already. So if you want to create an article on Aiden McGeady you might go to the [wiki]Celtic[/wiki] article and look for the link to McGeady and follow that and edit the article.

  2. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways and we’ll figure those out another time.

If you want to see how to use links/codes/images etc within the articles then see below somewhere.


There aren’t too many conventions that you need to abide by but for the sake of clarity and simplicity:

  1. if you are creating a new article check that the same article doesn’t exist already. So don’t create an article called “Shamrock Rovers FC” if there’s already one called “Shamrock Rovers” - you can of course create “Shamrock Rovers FC” and just refer it to the existing “Shamrock Rovers” one so there’s no duplication of content

  2. it’s a sports based site so where there’s two things with the same name then the sports one might generally take precedent - e.g. an article entitled Celtic will probably be about the soccer club and not about the traits of the Celts. Whether Dublin, Liverpool etc refer to the GAA teams, soccer teams or cities etc. - not sure, we’ll see over time.

  3. the purpose of this site is to build a database of articles. So if you are creating an article about Celtic and are writing about Aiden McGeady then create a link to an article about Aiden McGeady. Creating the link is simple (see below in the ‘How to Make Your Articles Look Good’ section) and it will encourage someone who follows the McGeady link to a blank article to write a little bit about McGeady where they might mention Donegal and that will link to Donegal and so the Donegal article will be created and hopefully in time these will all be filled up.

When you do create an article then go and edit related articles to create a link to it. For example there’s little point in creating an article on [wiki]Pat McCourt[/wiki] in isolation if it’s not referenced from somewhere else like the [wiki]Celtic[/wiki] page, otherwise nobody will know it exists there.

If an article already exists on TFwiKi then you do not need to create the link yourself. So if you’re writing about [wiki]Celtic[/wiki] and the Celtic article already exists on TFwiKi then once you submit your article it will make the link to Celtic automatically. It will also create links to these articles in the main forum I think. This side of things looks like it might be a bit server-intensive so it may need to be switched off.

[h=3]How To Make Your Articles Look Good[/h]

There are lots of different BB Codes in use in TFwiKi and in time we’ll get them all listed here.

[h=5]Link to New Article Code[/h]
For the moment the main syntax you need to know is:
<wiki]Article title[/wiki>

That creates a link to a new article with “Article title” as its title.

So in an article on TFK itself you might write a sentence like:
The <wiki]Idiot of the Month[/wiki> competition is a monthly contest usually contested by <wiki]The Puke[/wiki>, <wiki]Farmerinthecity[/wiki> and a representative from <wiki]The Flano Alliance[/wiki>

… and straight away you’ve created blank articles on The Puke, Farmerinthecity and The Flano Alliance.

[h=5]Headings Code[/h]

To create headings like those used in this article you can use the [h=x] tags.
Heading sizes range from h=2 to h=7 (don’t use h=1). Once you have at least four headings in your article it will automatically create a Table of Contents at the top of the article for you.

[h=5]Categories Code[/h]

There is a brief narrative on categories below but as far as syntax is concerned you have two alternatives.

To link to a category of articles (e.g. Sport) use the following code:
<cat=Sport]whatever text you want[/cat>

To insert an article into the Sport category use the following code:


There are a few broad categories that should get us started, namely:
[cat=About TFK]Category: About TFK[/cat]

That section will feature articles about itself. So:
[LIST]articles on [wiki]popular threads[/wiki] like IOTM, [wiki]The Stalker is Back[/wiki] etc; [/LIST]
[LIST]articles on members themselves (only referring to their online personas - any articles revealing personal info about the members themselves will be deleted immediately and the offending poster will be banned);[/LIST]
[LIST]whatever other general TFK musings come to mind [/LIST]

[cat=Sport]Category: Sport[/cat]

TFK is a sports discussion site (not a soccer discussion site as others would have you believe) and you might hope that some of us will find the time now and again to write about sport itself. So articles about Gaelic Games, soccer, rugby, cycling, bog snorkelling, tennis, coursing, lamping, stick hurling, UFC, wrestling, etc. etc. will feature there.

You can have broad articles on [wiki]Gaelic Football[/wiki], more specific articles on topics like the [wiki]Heineken Cup[/wiki] right down to articles concerning [wiki]1967 European Cup Final[/wiki] or whatever.

When TFK’s fantasy football and prediction league come on stream (in the distant future) it’s hoped that these will all be linked together so when you’re picking your hurlers from Westmeath to fill the fifteenth slot on your panel you can go straight to the TFwiKi article on [wiki]Westmeath hurling[/wiki] and learn everything there is to know.

[cat=Random Banter]Category: Random Banter[/cat]

And of course there’s room for Random Banter. So we’ll expect to see thoughts on the untimely demise of [wiki]Patrick Swayzie[/wiki], particluarly [wiki]lovely ladies[/wiki], anything at all really. It’s up to ye.

Within all the categories named above you can have as many sub-categories as you want. So within Sport we’ll have sub-categories called soccer, gaelic games etc. and so on and on but they’ll all appear it time hopefully.

[cat]About TFK[/cat]