How young is too young for a bird and how old is too old for a bird?

If you were say 25.

Opinions please. :drink:

I’d say 21 - 29

Somewhere between preshy and raven.

Never knew raven was a bird.

Now all the flirting with farmer makes sense.

The old adage for lower was always said to be ‘half your own age plus 7’. That’d be 19/20 relatively in line with your 21, rocko.

30 would seem to be a natural upper limit too.

Is anything over 30 unnatural Bandgae? ;D.

18 is the cut off, fook this whole half the age +7 cut off shit.
Going by your calculations 18 is the age for me anyway. hi5

Fuck that anywhere between 17 and 35 in my opinion. Are you talking about a relationship bandage or just a bit of time in the saddle? If it was relationship i’d have to bring the bands in a little though.

Relationship?! What the hell is one of those?

Purely a hypotetical query bt!

Well if it’s just a bit of how’s your father then 17-35. You could even go a bit over 35 if she looked after herself like Henrik Larsson.

I suppose to cut through all the crap and answer your question bandage-yes that 15yr old you met when you were hanging around outside wesley is too young.

Cheers bt, just needed someone to tell it to me straight.