Came into the pub yesterday and met Bandage, Cesc4 and his lady friend and a couple of her acquaintances. There was one chap with a big fucking chin on him and a face you’d just love to smack. Asked Cesc4 who he was and he informed me he’d no idea. Myself and Cesc4 left the group and conversed on our own for a while before Bandage joined us. He told us that he recognised that big-chinned fuck as a hun who lives near him and wears his hunnish gear when huns are playing on tv. Delighted with myself that I marked his card as an absolute cunt the first time I set eyes on him.

Please post further instances of encounters with huns on here.

Does that black-arsed hun work in computers, Rocko? I think I know the cunt.

I believe he’s in legal circles SS but Bandage might confirm.

It is indeed legal circles, Rocko. Nice to see your hun identification radar operating effectively and you can be very content and proud of yourself.

Ah different hun so. Thought there’d only be one brazen hun in this city but it seems there are others.

I could mention one or two encounters i’ve had with huns but the sheer thought of going back over it in my mind makes me want to vomit, so i will just blank it out. One of the encounters involves someone i used to speak to on a professional level quite a lot, and of course i had no idea that behind this facade the cunt was a hun. I’m just going to stop now…

I spent much of yesterday in the shadows of Ibrox. Loads of hun cunts, although I was in the company of a bhoy…

One of my first cousins has lived in the east end of Glasgow for the past 12 years, about a kilometre from Celtic Park. She married a hun seven weeks ago. I wasn’t invited to the wedding.

When I was 13 my family stayed in a mobile home in Brittany directly across from a hun family. They were so disformed and ugly I nearly wanted to take one of them home to Ireland to show my science teacher. Anyway, I pointedly wore my Celtic t-shirt every day to show my defiance. I could detect their seethingness even at that young age.

I guess that’s when I realised that huns HATE Irish, and specifically Irish Catholics and if we ever want to remain free we need to face down these terrible cunts at all times. Subsequent to this experience, I’m constantly staggered when Irish people slag off Celtic.

Remain free - what the fuck you on about?

I encountered a pair of huns in the town of Sihanoukville in Cambodia… They were in an adjacent cabin.

I observed the 2 huns planning a morning jog on the beach… “Do you think we need sunscreen one hun said to the other hun”… “Nah” replied the smaller rat faced hun.

So off they head, topless running… less than 500 miles from the equator.

Myself and a man from west Cork enjoyed our bottles of Cheng that evening as we heard the groans from next door.

“Had we anything for sun burn?”

Did we fcuk.

A hun jumped in for me and saved me from an awful hiding in Portugal once.

Was the lad pummeling you wearing a Celtic shirt?

When will this thread be taking its rightful place in the dungeon?

no i was.