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Whoosh! Great job

Don’t be encouraging him. And lads giving him likes also.
If I was his neighbour I’d be calling the guards.

I’ve it all gone Christmas night. Had a little build up of packaging and the like through December, added all the wrapping paper, boxes, plastic moulding around toys and innards of crackers etc…

Went out for more turf around 7 and set it off.

WOOOSH! :fire:


Be a good yank

That’s a grand wee feeder there

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You’d want to watch the fire doesn’t take the plaster of the wall…OH WAIT!

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Burning plastic ? You ignorant bollix! :sweat_smile:

I’m drinking this now, absolutely savage. Sound for the steer.


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First forage of the year. Bag of wild garlic from the woods in Dunmore. Into Ardkeen later for some good olive oil and pecorino and I’ll have a lovely bit of pesto for the dinner.


Have you any tips for this wold garlic gear? I’ve never noticed/identified any

This is what they look like. They are also referred to as three cornered leeks. They grow in or near woodlands. There are pucks of them in Dunmore all around the park and the woods. Also loads of them on the Howth peninsula. I pick the one in Dunmore woods because they are up on a grass bank away from piddling dogs. When picked they emit a lovely oniony garlicky smell.


Do you pull them up or cut them

Bad form to pull them up from the roots because it diminishes the crop for next year/everybody else. I tear the leaves off from about halfway up.



I can smell the pong of garlic from here.

so its the leaf you use for the pesto as opposed to the bulb?


Very long wild garlic season in Dunmore this year so I made a huge batch of pesto this weekend. It’ll certainly get me into May.