Hurling Power Rankings

It’s time alright. And Westmeathians like @Bod95 should be happy. To be revealed tomorrow.

Time to take stock, who’s flyin and who’s dyin.

  1. Limerick - still the standard to reach. And by standard I mean Big House funded, full time, criminal vouching, doped up set up.
  2. Clare - the only team Limerick fear, apart from a team of drug testers.
  3. Tipp - they’ll do wreak this year, I smell a wan in a row.
  4. Cork - BACK! I have them down to get out of Munster.
  5. Galway - Shefflin needs to deliver and the new set up will bring them forward. A strong semi final team.
  6. Wexford - can’t be beat right now, some backbone to them. They’ll make it to a semi final you’d think.
  7. Waterford - might be the 5th team in Munster, but could beat anyone on their day.
  8. KK - another transition year and another year to the famine. Should get 3rd in Leinster.
  9. Offaly - great work happening and results are now flowing. Unlucky to be in the league group they’re in.
  10. Dublin - with all their money they still can’t make it. Like the limerick footballers I suppose.
  11. Westmeath - always a result in them.
  12. Antrim - should be higher, only way is up.

C’mere, number 4 is a suspicious entry considering your 1,2 and 3 :man_shrugging:

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Cork are BACK! Get on with it.

And still trailing behind also rans like Tipp and Clare? :man_shrugging:

That’s not BACK

Which of the top 3 don’t make it out of Munster?

I’m hoping Limerick but sure Big House and all of that :person_shrugging:

Badly rattled, badly.


Leave him be. They need this.

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Truth be told, KK are fortunate to be 8th on that list. Survival In Leinster would be a great year for them.


Davy says Cork are in the first one or two for the All Ireland, and that’s not playing games so it’s not.

Hard to argue with any of that

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Kilkenny 8?! We’ll win leinster again to set us up for another trimming by limerick.
Forgetting about likes of Fogarty and Buckley would be a help. Wally still has something to contribute.