Hurling Technique

Another unusual one:

I’m lost?

Signing the Autographs with his left hand for an orthodox RHOT hurler.

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I see.

@Malarkey what did you make of Walter Walsh’s point off his left hand side the other night.

I had to watch it about 5 times in slow motion to figure out how he managed it.

Yes. Thought same myself.

Most gripchangers are weak off their left, because it is easier to change grip when running left to right, because of the body weight factor. WW is reasonable off his left.

Brian Concannon Autograph

Brian Concannon.

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Since the TJ revelation I’m convinced writing hand alone cannot be the sole mechanism for left/right dominance. There has historically been a tendency in Irish schools to eliminate left handedness, thankfully that archaic practice is no more. Could TJ have been taught to write with his right rather than choose to?but considering his potential right handedness I’m also now convinced that when striking off his right side his right hand which should be the guiding hand is in fact the dominant one and restricts in very much the same fashion as Joe Deane used to strike the ball.
We’ve used writing hand religiously to identify the strong hand when initiating under age skills and I’m trying to come up with some additional techniques that we’d add to bolster this such as position taking clapping hands and even using a toothbrush with the intent of formalising a test of sorts when grip is being taught early on.
One fundamental technique must remain the same regardless of the identification of the Stronger hand and that is dominant hand and ball catching/carrying hand must be the opposite in order to afford the player the maximum potential for range of striking. Flexibility is key in that regard, the opposite to a static swing in golf or baseball from which any tutorials I’ve watched for reference indicate the opposite grip i.e. dominant hand takes the lower grip.


Diarmaid Byrnes Autograph

Diarmaid Byrnes.

Enda Rowland Autograph

Enda Rowland.

Jack O'Connor Autograph

Jack O’Connor.

Shane Kingston Autograph

Shane Kingston.

Stephen Bennett Autograph

Stephen Bennett.

Fintan Burke Autograph (2175166)

Fintan Burke. Takes sideline cuts off both sides.

Patrick Collins Autograph

Is Patrick Collins righthanded? Or was the pen just temporarily in his right hand?

He hurls like an out and out natural ciotóg.

The whole topic, as you imply, certainly needs lots more research. My sense is that someone is hurling ‘correctly’, no matter what their handedness, if they favour a forehand stroke for a puckout/free/sideline cut.

As I think was mentioned before, I am strongly lefthanded and leftfooted. But I can only fire a gun righthanded and am far more comfortable using a PC mouse righthanded.

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Interesting… Handedness is a really complicated topic.

Warning duly noted.


Tony Kelly Autograph

Tony Kelly, classiest of rhot backhanders.