Hurling - The Hand Pass Rule - a thread

It needs discussion. A ref who was sunsetting, a team that took the absolute piss with it (and fair play, it was there for challenging), it needs sorting out.

  • hand pass only off the hurl.
  • clear ‘air’ between ball and hand, they way it should be.
  • outlaw it altogether.

Is this meant to be a vote mate?

Ruh oh

No fear a KK man would want to discuss the steps rule.


Change the rule and we’ll just adapt better than the others.


Bang of a sour loser off of this.


A very confident sore loser at that.

A merit of a great team, they are too good lets change the rules of the game.

Stink of taking the ball home with me.

There little egos are shattered now that Limerick produced a team better than anything they have ever produced in the history of the game.


Poor Locke

Bake Off Wow GIF by The Great British Bake Off


*Not a handpass. Also no option to release when your hurl is being held
*Seemingly impossible to adjudge in the fast paced modern game
*This. Handpassing has ruined football time to ban it before it does the same to hurling


The madcaps driving this idea don’t understand about unintended consequences

Probably the same croke park nuts who came up with the idea of kicking sidelines forward only and the kickout must cross the 45.

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I’d have no issue with handpass off the hurley as long as we’re willing to deal with the additional consequences of more rucks, etc

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Most annoying issue for me currently is the restart by refs into crowded areas where players ignore the request to move back.

Refs just fire it back into crowded areas. If the apes started booking players who refuse to retreat then they would soon comply

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I wouldnt mind but wasnt it Kilkenny were the first team to use the handpass in hurling.

The Terminator would be out of a role straight away.

Martin naughton was a fierce man for a handpass.

The master of the solo

Why was the bouncing solo so popular?

Or turn and find a clear space and throw it onto it.