Hurricane Florence and the machine James wade


The mean bitch is coming close. This is a great time for trump to get these swing states for his next election. I hope cam Newton and his lads survive.


Well he gave himself 10 / 10 for Puerto Rico, so what could go wrong?
(Apart from the 4000 people who subsequently died from that hurricane).


Swing states? South Carolina, which is expected to bare the brunt of Florence, has voted Republican in every election since 1964, bar 1976 when it voted for Southener Jimmy Carter.

Trump got 55% of the vote there last time compared to Crooked Hillary’s 41%.


And the North voted Democrats for Obama 1st term and trump won by 3.2% there. Ya it’s a swing state.


Who knew hurricane florence was male?


There is no such thing as gender anymore


How dare he gender identify a storm. Pig.


Florence can be a boys name sure


2008 was the only time North Carolina voted Democrat since 1968, and it was only by 14,000.



be looting yet.




Florence - Night in Gales