I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Jealousy is an awful disease


The hidden camera shot, a disguised technique where you turn off the flash get down low and photograph your pint without anyone noticing before posting it on an internet discussion board.
In fairness to @mac he stands upright clears a bit of space for himself and always takes a good shot. Its important to @Mac


Taking repeated pictures of pints of stout that look the exact same is strange behaviour, can lads not just enjoy a few pints with the company that they’re in?


What is the Guinness like out of there?


It’s like Guinness.


Lovely stuff.


Ah fuckit, if you can’t beat them join em,

This is making my my mouth water, best pint in town I’m told

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Did you pull that yourself?


How many days have you drank out of the last 14, pal? I’m concerned.


If someone handed me out that id pour it into the slop tray.


What is that?


I think I’ll have another, that was smashing


A fantastic looking pint.


A pint of Guinness, I don’t deserve any credit for it


To the hints.


I’m half buckled here lads


Some head on that lad


Ya, it was savage


That’s a half


I hope you only paid for 3/4 of a pint.