I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Did he file a GDPR complaint about taking a picture of him looking at the menu?


Fair enough, but how did you end up drinking pints in a prison holding area anyway?


Hup out of it


Does my nice post award still count



Are you in Belgium mate?


I am mate. See the way I shoved the waffle into view to build the scene.


What part bro? I’m off to Bruges in a few weeks — Antwerp is a great spot if you havent been.


Been to Antwerp before, great spot. Leaving Ghent now.


You just need caffeine and that’ll be your 5 a day.



Supporting the local economy


That’s a cheap looking pint glass.


The glass came free with the pint mate. At least temporarily


What’s that stuff actually like?


It’s so hopped that you can taste the surrender off it.


Lovely stuff!!


That put some horn on me… I was just in from ball - I had to fly down to O’Briens in Douglas to pick up two bottles as it’s the only place in Cork that stocks it… They only had the IPA in but it will do.


I’m a big fan. Two or three is enough though. You can fell the extra 1% after that


They take the glasses off the printing press before the ink is dry. It’s why it looks so cheap