I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Ye Limerick boys love dunnes. Its esentially an Irish m&S now


Ah look it. Under normal circumstances I’d be in their top 5 this time of year. Come Easter Monday they wouldn’t give a fuck if I called in once a week or once a month until October. I’ll live with that


Best wishes mate. Will you get a bit of respite from the treatment over Christmas? Can you get Chemo/Radiotherapy as an out patient?


Ah yeah chief. I’m an out patient now. By the time Christmas comes , I’ll have only about three treatments left. I’ll get 4 days off over Christmas and will have my last zapping January 4th. The only reason I’m off work now is the nature of my profession. If I had an office job I’d still be plodding away.


Good to hear. Maybe you’ll get a chance to have hugh Heinz over the festival period.



That’s a pint and a half


They’re flowing well…


Tis the season lads.


The biggest cunt hole in all of Cork.



  • i posted that before I read the menu


Yes… an awful, awful place.


I’ve never liked Barry’s. I haven’t been in since it got destroyed in the flooding that time.


It’s grand. Couple of scoops with herself with the small one in tow.




Out with INTERNET heavyweight @Chicken_George


Grand looking pints.


Noble looking pints.


Very bright looking bar.


Some cunt - and I only 30 seconds from the pub.