I spy with my little eye

New spin on the celeb spot thread which has gone a bit stale imo.

Spotter will answer questions from the forum with only a Yes or a No.

Only clue the spotter can give is where the spottee was spotted.

@Rocko might perhaps agree to donate a TFK hoodie to the Celeb Spot guesser of the month ?

3 incorrect guesses and you are out

I’ll start.

I spotted a celebrity in Flyefit gym, Swords this morning.

Start guessing guys

Gareth O’Brien

Is/was he a member of a boy band.

Was it actually a celebrity?

Very sexist to assume it’s a man


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Is this just another way of checking in on facebook?

This is like the time Ross, Monica, and Chandler went to a concert, whilst the others stayed at home and spent their time guessing how many fingers Joey had behind his back


Nobody famous would be using a gym in Swords

Is it a irish male sportsperson?

was the celeb nominated for COTY 2016?

Michael O’Leary

Aishling Thompson, biggest celebrity to hail from cork ?
It was her wasn’t it ?
Rocko, you can send the hoodie to
Mr B Bradley
C/o the motor tax office

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YES…but now retired.

No, but he is a regular there. It’s good but it’s not right

Is it a Dublin Bogballer?