I was surprised i didnt see one coon on my trip to oz

right up to yesterday i was quite surprised not to see one racoon on my trip here but my brother in law told me they arent indigeneous to Oz- can anyone confirm

i did see one roo & a posum as well as a kaola

this thread is for people on holidays to list indigeneous animals they see

The only animals I’ve seen so far are long haired beasts with county GAA jerseys on them falling out of the Tea Gardens and such places. They certainly arent indigenous. Will keep you updated.

Great thread.


those beasts are not to be approached under any circumsatnces

Border control should be tightened up. Your not permitted to bring wild animals into this county but yet wild animals from places like Enniscorthy are getting in. Can you write a strongly worded letter to the Border Control on my behalf to warn of these perils?

a systematic failure by the border patrol there

any views on the proposal by the liberals to significantly reduce the numbers coming into oz as the infrastructure cant handle so many people- you might have got in at the right time

one thing that yanks my chain is nsw & victoria cunts moving to brisbane when our infrastructure cant handle- it sickens me

Yes, the population of Oz is growing hugely at the moment. Read a report that the population of Sydney is expected to top 6m by 2035. This population growth seems to be driven by economic migrants rather than residents breeding (could be totally wrong here…). The yanks and gooks are investing a lot of money here at the mo too. I think though that the population growth will slow down somewhat when the global economy picks up. House prices at record highs, rents high. A touch of a bubble about it imo. Sydney badly needs to improve its train services and connect more areas.

A lot of paddies who faked working on the farms for their second year visas have been caught. So the ones left here wont be going anywhere soon even on holidays. The thing is Oz has loads of space for people. They just need to build the infrastructure up to support it.

I’ll be hitting Brisbane soon. Will post a report when I do.

Fucking racoons.

Cool thread

I was in Limassol,Cyprus a few Years ago and i saw a cat,i saw hundreds of cats infact the place was completely overrun with the dirty bastards.

Bit like Killkenny so ya Link?

'Twould be a fine place, only for them cats!