Ibrahim Halawa


Innocent of all charges.

Disgraceful that an Irishman has been treated so badly abroad. The government needs to summon the Egyptian ambassador and tell the fucker not to treat our citizens like this ever again.


Ah its grand, no need to be getting upset over this. Shur hasn’t everything worked out in the end? Be grand.


Is he coming back to Ireland?:fearful:


Surely not?


He’ll be on the Late Late next Friday


_This is Ibrahim Halawa inside the besieged Al-Fateh mosque in Ramses Square, Cairo, Aug 2013. _
_He says he has been at the protests since 28 June 2013, “since day one”. (Morsi was toppled on 3 July 2013.) _
_He came straight from Ireland. He has been “in the 4 killings so far”. _
_He says “the Army and the cops” (or is it “the Copts”?) are “working together” to kill the Muslim Brotherhood. The person who did this subtitled version goes for “the cops”. _
He says they are willing to be Islamic martyrs.

Does he see himself as Irish or Egyptian?
Lefties make a big thing of anyone seeing Halawa as not Irish. Anyone suggesting that is called “racist”.
In the video above, he describes Egypt as “my country” and Ireland as “the country I live in”.
On Facebook, he describes himself as Egyptian, living in Ireland: “Lives in Dublin, Ireland. From Cairo, Egypt.”


Strange that a strict muslim like their dad would send his daughters out to constantly speak to the media rather than shield them from publicity.


Be some craic if the cops met him off the plane beat the shite out of him and fucked him in jail. That would teach him a lesson so it would.


It’s not a bad out system all the same. Bang him up for a few years pending trial for something he is clearly guilty of. Then find him innocent of all charges once he has served his sentence. It’s a win win.


Maybe they did a head to head transfer with sid


The Muslim Brotherhood are opposed to Isis. We need people like Ibrahim now more than ever.


You need to be fair naive to believe that. Neither entity is any friend of modern Western societies.


Give the poor kid a break. He was found not guilty.
Let’s get behind him now and hope he gets on with his life.I can only imagine the trauma his poor parents went through.


Missing all the Dubs three in a row must have been very hard for him.


This chap isn’t Irish and never will be until we convert to Islam.


Poor lad won’t have a pick on himself after a 2 year hunger strike


I honestly thought him and his buddies were going to be sentenced to deletion.


Fair play to Simon Coveney, getting it done as Minister for Foreign Affairs


Do you think hardline Muslims let their daughters out without permission? He went with his sisters with their parents blessing.


The dirty terrorist bastard should be lifted at Dublin Airport and charged under Section 20 of the Passports Act 2008 for willingly destroying his Irish passport for purposes of inciting hatred against Ireland and the West.

Instead he will be met by a red carpet snd that horrible little weasel bastard Michael Higgins.