Ice Hockey Thread

Got a good feeling about my beloved Penguins this year

Penguins lose


Sidney Crosby missing game 6 killed them

I will be supporting the Hurricanes this week

I got a good feeling about my Dallas Stars, I think we can go all the way this year

This has been an unbelievable playoffs 5 of the 8 series going to game 7. The laffs fall yet again while McJesus had a game for the ages carrying the oil last night. All of us Canadians want to see a battle of Alberta series so I’m hoping Matthew Tkachuk and Jonny hockey get er done here

Two goals in 31 seconds what a game, what a sport.

Wheel snipe celly boys

Dallas eliminated by a Jonny hockey OT winner. Tkachuk with a goal also. Battle of AB in the playoffs

You know how to pick em mate


The intensity here is off the charts

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Go Rangers

Hurling could learn a lot from this sport


Best sport in the world mate. I didn’t think the Broadway bears had another performance in em but they keep confoundin

Rangers are toast

Hard luck last night Rangers backers.

Jesus that Adam Johnson death in the UK would have you shook

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Petr Cech has signed for the Belfast Giants on loan.

Corey Perry dropped by the Blackhawks, rumor is he banged the rookie Connor Bedard’s mom

Refs let 'em at it.

Great fight.

Rempe not shying from his reputation anyway. Here he is fighting before playing a second of hockey on his debut last week.

Another day another fight for Rempe but he bit off more than he can chew here