I'd say in her day

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Brigitte Bardot





Beautiful, so tragic to see beautiful women grow old, it really it. It’s ok for men, hideous brutes that we are. Now Bardot is a racist, bag lady with two dozen cats. Very sad.

Sounds like she could be a laugh.

Rita Hayworth


Never realised Rita had such a cracking body on her. Top class pins and back in those days she’d have your dinner on the table for you when you come home aswell. Bravo.

You’re such an old fashioned gent:D

Good work pikeman:thumbsup:

what a body…a woman before her time…

If I had lay dying on Omaha Beach, shot down by a murderous German pillbox gunner, my last thoughts would have been of Rita.

Grace Kelly


Now that is sheer class.

This is a great little thread fair play Farmer and all contributors :clap:

The luscious Debbie Harry


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Hedy Lamarr



Ginger Rogers

marlene dietrich

The ever lovely, Tuesday Weld.

Have to have pics Fenway

Marlene never did for me, a bit manly or something


The ever lovely, Tuesday Weld.[/QUOTE]

Anything to the great Pioneer of Kildare?

Lana Turner