Idiot of the Month - April Nominations

This is the official nominations thread for April.

Usual rules apply:

Each member only has one nomination.

The nominations thread will be open until midnight on Thursday, April 30th, with the vote taking place at some stage after that (when we figure out when’s the best time to have the poll closing).

The format of the poll will be the usual first past the post being declared winner.

So, go ahead with nominations on this thread and please give a reason for your nomination. Also, artfoley is guaranteed a place in the poll based on her current status as IOTM.

art, if you want to post some memories of your month as title holder then feel free to do so on this thread also.

Good luck to everyone.

HBV* He wont be beat.

KIB - Endless amount of reasons.

Puke for his childlike behaviour when United have been going behind in games recently. He looks foolish when United turn it around. That and his anti Ferguson comments. The dour cunt one in particular.

I nominate whiskeyinthejar. No explanation needed.

Had a run in myself with whiskeyinthejar. Cant remember about what though. My memory is fooked at the moment.

He’s a bit of a nuisance alright. I’m sure you handed him his ass Shan.

i cant remember us having a falling out shan? i respect your views

The only thing you respect is my fist down your throat.

Im not sure myself. I have been looking back at posts. Must have been something irrelvant anyway. :rolleyes:

ill fart on your face if your not careful

I’ll make smithereens of you.

This is quality stuff. I feel somehow compelled to get involved for the craic :rolleyes:

before or after i shove a pitchfork up your vagina?

It was on the Mania thread. I think Whiskeyinthejar was slagging it off and Dunph and I started slagging him off. Anyway here does anyone think Puke is a cunt.

I’m nominating caoimhaoin for nominating KIB Man before I had the chance to.

This will have a knock on affect, Pike will have to nominate someone else now.:rolleyes:

there are far better reasons to nominate kev.

Thats nearly as bad a reason as nominating someone for nominating you. :rolleyes:

You won’t be able to hold a pitchfork after i break your arms.