Idiot Of The Month Award - Nominations for April

The rules are:

Each member only has one nomination.

The nominations thread will be open until tomorrow evening.

Everybody who is nominated at this point will go into a poll to determine the overall idiot of the month with the person accumulating the most votes in the poll claiming the title.

So, go ahead with nominations on this thread.

Right seeing as everyone is probably afraid to start I am going to nominate Ben Shermin.

Disagreement, arguments and banter are all fine but pathetic stuff like trying to find ways of having a pop at me without actually letting me know it was him and trying to make me think it was Ball Ox is exactly that - pathetic…

Edit: It was a close call. Juhniallio was there with a spade the whole way due to my basic dislikeness of him

I’ll nominate Gavin for his insistence that Wexford have the hurlers to turn it around this year when they clearly don’t.

I’m nominating Bandage coz of his Taliban chants at a British Army veteran of the war in Afghanistan. The poor fella is probably shell shocked and will need years of therapy and Bandage starts cheering for a group of terrorists!!! For shame…

I’ll go for Flano - liar, stirrer, mouthpiece for a boring banned member and has taken to sadly repeating his slogans and phrases himself. Basically I reckon he’s a general all round ballbag.



I vote Bandage. No explanation needed.

My nomination of that cockmuncher Flano is with the aim of splitting the Shermin and Flano vote. I don’t think Gavin will be a factor as I thought it was a harsh nomination (hang your head Mac). The only way I can possibly see myself losing is if Farmer enters the race.

I have to be nominated yet.

I expect either Shermin or Juhniallio to nominate me. If that happens I would be flattered as if I am nominated as an idiot by either of those two then I am doing something right obviously…

This vote is over now as I’m rigging it.

I’ll admit I was trying to wind Gavin up but it hasn’t worked. Back to the drawing board.

Well, the obvious thing is to vote for someone who’s already voted for you so Shermin might oblige. I’m not sure about Juhniallio as he’s more of a wild card. One thing’s for sure though, they’re both two complete idiots.

It has to be Bandage for April. For the Taliban schiedt and and referring to Manchester City as “they”.

Agreed, my vote is with (pop “n” fresh) Bandage aswell!

Bandage as well for me. Flango and Shermin are complete tossers but that Taliban stuff from bandage was below the belt so he gets my vote.

Nominations are now over.