Idiot of the Month - December 2011 Nominations

Who are the first 2?

Thrilled to be nominated, buzzing here now.

Il nominate Chewy Lewy for his annoying and persistent habit of choosing someone to pick on and then ruining loads of threads by passing comment on everything that they say.

Wrong thread dude, that should be in the “sad case of the month nomination”.

I nominate Mr. Totti for his smelly shirt rotation policy and his harsh attack on Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona.

Shirt gate was prior to Dec 1st so is therefore ineligble for inclusion. Please stricken that thread from your mind when casting your vote.

Fine, but my nomination stands.
Mr. Totti for IOTM - December 2011


Why do goons still nominate people already nominated? What a waste.

Totti argued his point on the shirts consistently and eloquently. He never backtracked and was never caught out by any inconsistencies. While some of us may harbor the suspicion that he is an undesirable and may stink worse than any hobo there was nothing in shirtgate that exposed any idiocy on his part.

he also claimed to have a thing for Mary Lou around the same time. I think he is going through a rough patch latley.

I nominate Anto for his tiresome and repeated trolling on the darts and rugby football threads.

Its a tough one. Bandage or Sid for their constant trolling on the Darts threads. Mac for his complete lack of knowledge of the Irish rugby scene, which is embarrassing at times.

I’ll side with Bandage, as an Administrator he should know better. I’m sure there will be plenty of other appropriate months to nominate the other two.

Less than 1 hour to go before nominations close.

Please get your those final nominations in.

Who’s nominated already?

read the thread

In order of nomination

Dan Carter
Mr. Totti
Chewy Louie

I’m honoured to be among such a group of idiots. However, no list of idiots is complete without artfoley so I’m nominating him, not just for that but the idiot also emailed me his actual legal qualifications to prove a point in response to some quip from Bandage.


This will be very hard bet. Holy and of hell.

For what its worth, I nominate jimmy29 for his incessant spamming of the site which has been stepped up in this December period.

As someone who has no feeling whatsoever on either of these bodies, his pathetic carry has moved on from tiresome to irksome to just plain retarded. While he may not be a worthy holder of the award, I honestly cant believe any one person could be this idiotic.

artfoley. :clap: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Foley, foley, foley :lol: