Idiot of the Year - Betting Thread

Following on from my post in the nominations thread I will be running a book for IOTY. I want to keep this seperate from vBookie so as odds can be updated etc.

The idea will be that the bet will be placed by you stating the requested odds and amount on a dedicated betting thread.
I confirm if I will accept the bet, and if I will then you transfer the money to me via vCash.
Once the cash has been received I will state so on thread and the bet will be deemed struck.

I will not lay more than I can afford to pay out and Rocko can distribute the funds from my vCash if it appears I am welching on bets (which I have no intention to do). I may limit bet amounts accordingly.

Any bets place before the nominations close will be treating as ante post bets and if your chosen person fails to secure a nomination then tough shit.

E/W betting is available, 1,2,3 - 1/4 odds

Opening Show

Kev - 4/5
KIB Man - 15/8
Link - 7/2
MBB - 8/1
TASE - 10/1
Bandage - 14/1
Turenne - 18/1
The Puke - 20/1
Flano - 25/1
The Runt - 25/1

Others available on request

Price check on the Runt please.

I’ll take €22.5k/€5k on the Link Walsh please.

I’ll lay that. Please transfer the vcash to confirm the bet.


Is this ok with your supervisor? I presume you had to ring it in… :rolleyes:

A 153% book FFS :rolleyes:

I have seen Powers with books well in excess of 200% for dogs in major world class competitions such as the Derby and Leger for example. And would they lay you €5k to lose €22.5k on a novelty market. I’ll let you answer that, Mac.

I’m sure they would if it was vcash Dunph - In fact I’ve no doubt they would.

I believe it’s fair enough Mac.
Will you have a punt?

Could I get a price on Farmer, please?

I will have the €55,000 that I am owed from the vbookie here, on KIB Man at 15/8.


Runt, did you get authorisation to lay my bet? Am i on?

This ain’t vbookie mate

There 's a bit of humming and hawing but yes you are on. 22.5k to 5k

I can see this having the potential to go very badly for the Runt. I hope his odds are accurate or it could be a bleak christmas in the Runterson house…

Plenty of form to be studied yet Runt. I prefer to wait for the NRNB prices to appear.

Puke looks a nice price at 20/1 after winning Bandage’s Limerick Poll lately. Would that be classed as a trial?

What happened Dunphs millions? Did the Limerick Chippers get their money back?