If Ian Bailey was Irish he wouldn’t be in his current situation

My small opinion is if Bailey was Irish he wouldn’t have been dragged through the media and the character assassination of the man wouldn’t have been allowed to happen, as to whether he’s innocent or guilty is a whole different game,
He’s busted and clearly mentally damaged, can’t travel and his personal relationship is null and void.


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I’m not so sure. West Cork is a haven for the casual drifter like Ian Bailey. When the Ian Bailey investigation landed before an Garda Suiochana they were stunned by amount of English people who landed over without any PPS numbers or who no one knew anything about. Some choosing to retire in West Cork, some artists, some leaving a relationship, some fleeing from a scandal back home or criminality. None of them were persecuted. Having followed the case it became clear in my mind that he was guilty. The character assassination wouldn’t perhaps happen today but it was a different country back then. Also being a journalist probably didn’t help. Particularly when he wrote about ex husband and implicating him. Of course he could never quite explain how he knew so many intimate details of the murder before any detailed broadcast and he knew exactly where to go when news broke. The only surprising thing is how his personal relationship lasted so long especially with how he hospitalised her a couple of times and tried it on with her daughter.


Don’t agree. It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, if you are a bollix you are a bollix and if you do wrong you should pay for it.

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True but being a brit certainly didn’t help there’s still a bias there and I include myself at times

I dont know a single thing about Ian Bailey.

There, I said it.

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Welcome to 1996