Ignoring Users

The long-awaited return of the ignoring users feature is here.

Just a quick preachy comment first. This isn’t going to relax any rules about what you can post. Ignoring a user does not allow that user to be racist/painfully repetitive etc. TFK will soon die if everyone has to ignore everyone.

Boasting about ignoring someone, asking about posts you’ve ignored, all that kind of shit… it’s just disruptive to how the topics work and if we end up with this taking over the forum then it will have to go.

So by all means use it. We’ll see who’s using it. But don’t tell the world about how mature you are for ignoring people.

Anyway, with all that said, to ignore someone just

click on their avatar…

click on their avatar again on the user card to go to their full profile…

Click Ignore on the right hand side

Then their posts will be hidden. Click on View 1 hidden reply to see it.

To make changes to the ignored users list, click on their profile again to unignore or go to your user preferences to see a list of the users you have ignored.


Was it just a random poster you used in your informative example?:thinking: