Il Capitano Eterno

Francesco Totti could agree to a new contract with Roma this Sunday, but it won’t be signed until the end of May.
The captain is expected to stay at his club for another season, after a remarkable string of performances dispelled all doubts about his athletic potential.
Totti already had some extensive talks with President James Pallotta, and indeed a new deal was expected to be announced last Monday, after the game with Genoa.
The story is repeating itself this week, as yesterday’s talks between the club and the player’s economic advisor Leonardi suggest that a deal will be reached right after Sunday’s game against Chievo, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.
However, even should the terms be agreed on over the weekend, the contract itself won’t be signed until the end of the month.
The reason reportedly has to do with President Pallotta, who wants to announce Totti’s extension personally, and won’t do it until he is back in Italy at the end of May.

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This has made my summer.

Forza Capitano.