I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


That’s what I thought but should there not be a Martello tower on that headland


Flaggy shore is right


Good point, it’s hidden in that nearer peninsula there. It’s not that tall so wouldn’t be obvious


Plenty of hot air in County Derry
Slieve Gallion in the background


First time it’s been proper beach weather this year. Think it’ll be all early finishes in the afternoons this week.


Very picturesque


Where’s that?


Just outside Fethard on sea. One of many fine beaches around.


Looks lovely.


Is it safe for a dip?


Sure is pal. Was nice this evening too.


CC @Raylan another early morning skirmish


Did you call in for Tea? Think it’s like 13 Euro


No mate. Though I’d have paid good money for a pint of water at the time.

I tell you something though… That area between Corofin, Kinnaboy and Carron is absolutely breathtaking and not properly marketed to tourists at all. Some lovely walking trails.


Back when I lived in Ennis, I must have called out there four or five times over 2 years. Anyone who called for a visit wanted to spin out


keep it that way. You wouldn’t be able to move for fuckers opening up tourist tat shops.


4 days of beach weather this week. Great stuff. This was half an hour ago when we left.