I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenery thread

Ah lovely, Lohan is walked on this majestic route along the Shannon most days


Said video included numerous pictures of one of Bandage’s favourite bridges

The walk/hike around Torc waterfall in Kilarney is majestic any time of the year.

A much walked walk is the Poyntz Road in Inistioge which runs by the river from the back door of the spots all the way to Woodstock house,its around 2.5 miles of heaven those who are into this kind of thing tell me.

a lot to be said for a good walk…

I concur.

This weather is lovely for walking.

looking forward to it, this is perfect weather for it alright as long as the route isn’t too icy…

Im not one for walking of late,used to do a bit of it one time,bought a bike there a while ago with a view to getting a bit of exercising done but the weather since has my plans fucked up.

Manys the young wan was in reciept of a dart below on the Poyntz Road after dark,Malones Quay was the place to be.

There is some lovely walks around Curraghchase also which is less than a mile from my homestead.

is it the local dogging spot?

whats the story with the abandoned house there?

Thats a fine spot for a walk only for the charge at the gate. I used to like bringing the dog to Cratloe. Had him around Glendalough as well which is a fine spot for walks.

It burnt down years ago, it was the home of Aubrey De Vere, a peot.

Flaggy Shore, New Quay, North Clare

Unreal spot for a walk/run.

Ah you can jump of the fence at the back and not pay anything. I think I’ll go tomorrow, the lake should be frozen over and it should be possible to walk across it.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Good man Kinvara some of the crowd here wouldn’t know picturesque or scenery if they walked up and shook their hand lads like us of course who were born into it can really appreciate it unlike some wannabe townies here


I regularly enjoy a stroll along the kilkee cliff walk.

*not sure if this counts but i jog doughmore beach three times a week and it is simply beautiful when there is a decent swell.

From Ballybunion beach to the mouth of the Cashen is another fantastic walking route.

:clap: Thats a fine spot, out along the Diamond Rocks and up to the top car park. I used to go out there alot from Limerick There’s some drop there. I usually walk around 25ft from the edge as I’d be bricking it.

This is a cracking little thread BTW Pukey :clap: